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E-Check Processing for Tech Support in USA

Unicornpay, a frontrunner in providing best online platform for E-Check processing for Tech support in USA with specialize in all types electronic payment processing. It is a complete merchant solution for payment processing in multiple currencies having presence in US, Canada and other niche markets. Being a leadership in payment gateway service for small business enterprises dealing in high risk trades, Unicornpay also forays in E-Check processing.

What is E-Check?

E-Check is like a regular check available in electronic form providing the same details to get processed through authorized channels. It has customer’s bank account, routing number and authorization number similar to physical paper made check. The information to fill the E-check is exchanged through various modes like on phone, with person or online which later processed through automated clearing house (ACH) networks that are controlled and operated by government regulated electronic payments departments or federal bank of that country.

How E-Check Works?

E-Check processing is similar to paper check processing, but due to electronic process it works faster and is more secure. Customer don’t need to manually fill the check instead they can go merchants website and make payment online by putting their check details like Name, Account Number and routine number etc. After filling details they just need to click on submit and it will take normally 2-3 days to approve the E-check transaction and transfer the money online.

Advantages of Using E-Check Payment Service:

Reduce manual or paper based check payment processing.
Minimize Errors and fraud risk.
Due to Real-time Risk Management, tools reduce lost Sales.
Attract Customers who don’t prefer Credit Card Payments.
Save Cost of Payment Processing, that is higher in Credit Card.

E-Check Processing for Tech support in USA

We, Unicornpay offer a completely safe and secure E-check processing service with lowest processing fees and least transaction fees. We are known for best E-Check processing for tech support in USA helping international high risk business owners to carry out unlimited online transaction with no charge back risk and maximize revenue from overseas transactions.

Why E-Check Processing with Unicornpay?

Unicornpay is a leader for providing best online payment gateway service for high risk businesses like Tech Support, Ecommerce, Pharmacy, Resume Writing and Debt Collection etc. Being an experience holder in credit card processing, it is also providing electronic check (E-Check) processing services to high risk merchants with exceptional features given below.

Top Features of Our E-Check Payment Processing Service:

International Payment Gateway (E-Check).
Support U.S. and Canadian Currency.
Processing Fee: 20%.
Rolling Reserve: No reserve.
Wire Fee : 40$
Return fee : 7$
Real-time Validation Service.
Transaction and Capture fee: 1$
Refund Fee: NIL
Charge Back Fee: NIL
Payout weekly
Return Ration: 30%
Real-time Reporting
Comprehensive Transaction History

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