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If you are looking for payment gateway for resume services, there are chances that your application be rejected by many banks due to type of specific business you are involved in or you are being provided horrendous rates or challenging payment terms and conditions. All this can put you in a serious trouble and you might think that the business door is going to shut down for you completely. If such situation arises, one can go for a banking partner or a payment gateway provider having the multiple currency payment facility as well as the solicitous high risk processors. If one gets such a backup, it can be easy to handle various high risk businesses like resume writing or recruitment services at the logical rates. After going through such process, the customer will really appreciate and he will find happiness in processing with us.

There are many people who require resume writing services in this high competitive age, one can look for a resume writing company since there are number of such companies who run ecommerce portal for resume writing and specialize in professional resume writing business. These business entities need a hassle free payment gateway to transact online payments. Here, we are of great help since we offer you payment gateway specific to your resume writing business.

We Provide The Following Benefits.

Low roll reserve percentage.
No Monthly Fee.
Approval rate exceeding 90 percent.
Account approval in 3 business days.
No annual or recurring fees
Weekly payments.

Important Documents Needed

All Directors Identification Proof.
All Directors Address Proof.
All Directors Taxation Proof.
Business Premises Utility Bill.
Business Existence Proof.
Two Photograph of each Directo.
Business Letter Head with Business Description.
Cancel Cheque of the Business Account/Current Account.

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