Payment Gateway for Technical Support

Payment Gateway for Technical Support

Unicorn Pay offers one stop solution for all kinds of online payment gateway needs for various business segments with specialization in payment gateway for tech support business. At Unicorn Pay, we strive hard to make your online payment transactions secure and hassle free. We provide payment gateway that perfectly suits to different business verticals including those that needs high risk and bad credit merchant accounts. We ensure to simplify all technical glitches in obtaining reliable payment gateways to make your business run smoothly.

What Do You Need to Know About Payment Gateways Before Looking for a Reliable One?

A payment gateway is a browser based application through which a user or a customer can do authorized credit card transaction in real time. It helps a website or its shipping cart to do online transaction in secure environment. The 21st century has seen great advancement in web technology and online transactions have become very important to save time and money in day to day life. With burgeoning online shopping for domestic and official purposes, almost all business entities provide easy and hassle free online payment options to their customers. For this, they need payment gateways that are affordable, cover all currencies and can be integrated easily to the merchant’s site.

How Payment Gateway Solutions of Unicorn Pay are Good for Offshore Business Including Tech Support and Debt Business?

Unicorn Pay has been a reliable payment gateway service provider to diverse business segments. It has secured a reputation in gateway solutions for following reasons

Customized payment gateway solutions.
User friendly, easy integration and Quick approval.
Follow all rules and regulations in letter and in spirit.
High level of transparency and NO hidden policies.
Easy chargeback management system.
Accepts all major currencies.

What Do You Need to Furnish for Becoming Eligible for Getting Payment Gateway for Tech Support?

Company’s full name and website.
PAN Card of Company.
Owner’s PAN Card??
Signed blank Check.
Company’s address proof/Rent agreement.
Company’s memorandum (MOU)/ Partner’s deed.
Consecutive past three months bank statement.

We at Unicorn Pay make the process to acquire payment gateway for specific business easy and hassle free. We recommend to all who need payment gateway for high risk business including technical support to fulfill above parameters for instant approval.

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