Helping Businesses with Ingenious PoS Terminals & Payment Gateways

Our payment gateway solutions at Unicorn Pay make it easier for businesses to process overseas payments. Alongside secure payment gateways, we also have a new line of Point of Sale (PoS) terminals/card swipe machines to help retailers with payment processing efficiency.


Fast & Secure Payments on Promise

Providing your customers with the promise of fast and secure payment for their purchases can add value to your credibility as a retailer. Unicorn pay PoS terminals promise over-the-counter transactions to be fast and secure, ensuring that your customers enjoy a seamless and risk-free payment experience.


A PoS That Encourages Buyers to Shop More

Selling more leads to more income. Encourage your buyers to shop more with EMI, Loyalty, Amex, DCC, Sodexo, and other such easy repayment options integrated into Unicorn Pay Point of Sale Terminals. A bunch of value-added services makes Unicorn Pay PoS Terminal an ideal gadget for sellers to grow in the competitive retail space.


Unicorn Pay PoS Terminals — Your Best Bet for Smooth Retailing

The Point of Sale Terminals/Card Swipe Machines Unicorn Pay offers are versatile enough to be your best bet with out-of-the-ordinary features and out-of-the-league pricing. There is a whole set of keypad-integrated and touch-enabled point-of-sale terminals to choose from, depending on your choice and budget.


Handy to Operate, Portable to Carry

The slim and lightweight design of our Point-of-Sale Terminals makes them convenient to use and carry.


3G/WiFi Support to Play Wireless

Utilize Unicorn Pay's 3G/WiFi-enabled PoS machines to capture customer data, boost sales, and facilitate better promotions.


Keypad & Touch-Enabled — Choose What’s Feasible for Your Fingers

Unicorn Pay offers both keypad and touch-enabled versions of its Point-of-Sale Terminals — choose the one you find easy to navigate.


Long-lasting Battery

Unicorn Pay's PoS machines are powered by a 2600 mAh battery that lasts 2 days for uninterrupted payment transactions.


PoS Terminals Up for Grabs — Pay in One Go or Pay in Easy EMI

  • The versatile yet low-cost Point-of-Sale Terminals Unicorn Pay offers come with easy purchase options. You can either pay the whole cost in one go or choose to grab one with the easy EMI option. Decide what type of point-of-sale system best fits your business and your budget when selecting a point-of-sale system.

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