Unicorn Pay PoS — One PoS for All Payments

Unicorn Pay brings you a hub of Point-of-Sale Terminals to enable your business to accept payment from multiple sources, i.e., credit cards, debit cards, UPI, digital wallets, EMI, and others. The keypad and touch-enabled card swipe machines from Unicorn Pay come with top-of-the-line features that make it a front-runner in the league of PoS devices. Take joy in fast & secure transactions with Unicorn Pay PoS terminals which promise assured growth of your retail business with enhanced customer footfall.

PoS Terminals That are Out-of-the-Ordinary in Every Sense

The PoS terminals from Unicorn Pay are out-of-the-league in every sense, with out-of-the-box features that no other PoS provider offers. To provide salespeople with the highest level of billing ease and efficiency, Unicorn Pay has included tons of usable features within its PoS terminals.


Here are the features that make Unicorn Pay PoS Terminals Stand Out:

Lightweight and Slim

Slim, light, and pocket-friendly design makes our PoS Terminals easy to operate and convenient to carry around.

Keypad & Touch-Enabled Options

Unicorn Pay offers both Keypad & Touch-enabled devices for its Point of Sale Terminals. Choose the one which is feasible for your fingers to navigate.

3G/WiFi Support to Play Wireless

Capture a bulk of customers' data, drive more sales, facilitate better promotions, and access remote diagnostics with Unicorn Pay's 3G/WiFi-enabled PoS machines.

Long-lasting Battery

2600 mAh battery powers up Unicorn Pay’s PoS machines to provide them with 2 days of juice for uninterrupted payment transactions


Unicorn Pay: Why Make the Switch

Whether you need a keypad-integrated or a touch-enabled terminal, Unicorn Pay has the one for you to suit your need and feasibility. The following are more reasons Unicorn Pay terminals should be your point-of-sale system:


Unicorn Pay PoS — Pay One-Time or In Easy EMIs to Own

There are simple buying options for our Point-of-Sale Terminals, like one-time payment and easy EMIs. You can choose the right model and purchase option that suits your budget and requirements.


Easy-to-Use Interface and Ergonomic Design

Selling with Unicorn Pay PoS Terminals is easy, thanks to its ergonomic design and simple user interface.


24x7 Online Access to Bank Statements

Sellers using Unicorn Pay have 24/7 access to bank statements to monitor the history of every payment transaction.


Sturdy Build Quality

Unicorn PoS terminals are designed with sturdy build qualities to ensure long-term use in rough and tough environments.


24x7 Customer Support

Unicorn Pay promises sellers 24x7 customer support, which other PoS providers just falsely claim to offer.

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