Payment Gateway

Payment Gateway for Pharmacy

Dealing with the pharmacy business can be frustrating when it comes to finding a reasonably priced, secure, and reliable way to process payments. The legal requirements and high processing rate of payment transactions make the pharmacy business hard to handle. However, having Unicorn Pay, a leading domestic & overseas payment gateway service provider, by your side can get everything sorted related to payment processing.

Fast approvals and safe pharmacy payment gateways

The high-risk payment gateway from Unicorn Pay is designed to ensure the storage and transmission of information related to transactions between the payment networks of master cards and visa cards and your website with reliability, speed, and safety. Payouts are automatically deposited into your designated bank accounts, and our fraud prevention systems are reliable. Moreover, we have gateway experts who can represent your interests against chargebacks and disputes.

Unicorn Pay, a pharmacy merchant account provider for decades, offers a simplified application process. However, one must also submit a business license or an agreement with the supplier.


Service Options for Pharmacy Merchant Accounts

You may accept card payments in different currencies with unicorn pay, including Euros, GB pounds, and USD. Moreover, there is no limitation on the number of transactions that can be processed each month. Our reputation as one of the top online gateway providers for pharmacies has grown tremendously over the years. As a pharmacy merchant account provider, Unicorn Pay offers:

  • A solid and reliable payment gateway;
  • A dependable virtual terminal;
  • Simple account setups;
  • Affordable processing rates;
  • Multiple currencies processing;
  • Acceptance of international pharmacies;
  • No volume caps;
  • Weekly payouts;
  • Round-the-clock merchant support.

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